Friday, July 21, 2006

Il finale, il pranzo and...thanks Mums!!

The last day, phew... everyone was getting a bit tired but nevertheless they retained their enthusiasm and did an amazing job on the final day. The last six plays performed were magnificent and enjoyed by the largest audience we have had this week. Grade 4/5 Boon were the last class through the Expo and they seemed to enjoy themselves. We finished up with an Italian luncheon prepared by Mrs Gore, Mrs Backhouse, Mrs Farquhar, and Mrs Martyn. What an amazing spread. It took quite a while for Elise to unload her car!!! I know Mrs Gore has been working hard on the menu and the food preparation for some weeks now. A team of twelve students did a few odd jobs in the school canteen before the luncheon under her benevolent guidance. Check out the gelato arancione, la torte mamma and la Cassata Siciliana. Don't he desserts look fabulous, not to mention gli antipasti ! Stuednets brough along their own plates and cutlery to minimise waste. The table looked stunning. All students had fabulous manners and the meal went off very well. I must also thank the fourteen parents who cooked biscotti for visiting classes, especially Mrs Payne who cooked batches for everyday of the Expo including nut free biscuits for those students with nut allergies. Celebrations like this are only possible with parent support and I would like to thank very much all parents involved and all the parents who visited the unit throughout the week. Illawarra is truly lucky to have such supportive parents.

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Anonymous Peter lelong said...

hi Carolyn,
It is nice to see the work you are doing with your students. You are always so innovative. Have tried to send an email but no longer have a current address for you.

7:33 PM  

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