Monday, July 10, 2006

Bruno Bozzetto...

Hi all, only one week until the Expo opens. Wasn't it great that Italy won the world cup!

This morning 5/6 Coote watched some hilarious animations done in Flash by Bruno Bozzetto, one of Italy's famous animators. These will be screening on four computers at the Expo so come along and have a good belly laugh. Here is a link to one students have not seen as yet:

The window murals are going well... Pisa is done and Florence is underway.

A big thank you to all those parents who are making biscotti for the Expo and also to Mrs Gore who is co-ordinating the "Samplings of Italy" luncheon for the double unit.
Students are requested to bring a bowl, a plate and a spoon, knife and fork in a plastic bag with their name on it at least two days before Friday the 21st of July.
It has also been fabulous having Miss Dillon working with us in the unit over the last three weeks. She has helped us a lot with our art work and mathematics.



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I was in one of those photos

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