Thursday, June 22, 2006

Our board games about Italy

Unit 5/6 Coote/Paton are currently working hard on producing their own board games which reflect the culture of Italy. The board games will reflect the history, geography and customs of Italy and hopefully won't contain too many stereotypes. Each game has to be creative, contain instructions, be as factually correct as possible, be attractively boxed and appropriate for a 3-6 audience. Students have been reading books, articles, magazines and travel brochures as well as watching films about Itlay. The project requires extensive research. Students recently viewed a Getaway series on Italy and a film on the life of Enzo Ferrari. They all seem to have their own unique sources as well. All the games will be on disply at the Expo and the grade 3 to grade 6 students will have the opportunity to give them a test run. Here are some photos of students planning and working on their games. Students could work individually or in pairs and have a rubric outlining the specifics of game board production.


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