Tuesday, June 20, 2006

La Torre Pendente Posters

In 5/6Coote-Paton unit we have been learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We were each given an article about the tower. We read through the information individually highlighting what we thought to be the interesting and important points. We then worked in groups of three or four. Each member of the group had a different article. We had to "jigsaw" the information to produce a top 10 interesting facts poster and give it a catchy title. Everyone had jobs to do and two team members were in charge of publishing it. We had to work hard on the proofreading aspect. Each group then chose one or two photos to adorn their poster. As you can see some of the posters were 3D! One group even designed pullout tabs (see above photo) with the information being stored internally in a paper-sculptured tower. These are only some of the posters. They will all be on display at the Italian Expo from July 18th-21st in the double unit.


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